About Us

The President of Vortex, Phil Short, is also the owner of NBF Produce Ltd., one of the Niagara Dealer Shippers and is also a grower. NBF represents & markets over 200 acres of tender fruit and has established direct relationships with major corporate chain stores since 1972. With over 30 years experience in retail sales, Phil is well suited to develop and expand the market that Vortex and its customers serve.

Using the established relationship with Grocery chains, Vortex maintains direct contact with retailers, listening to their needs to design packaging that satisfies growers, retailers and consumers. Currently, Vortex deals with all the major chains, and Vortex works closely with them to establish retail packaging that promotes sales, reduces shrink, while increasing the storage life of tender fruit.

Vortex has successfully registered several design patents. These designs have resulted in Vortex being a leader in packaging for the local fruit industry. The industry is rapidly changing due to global competition, Vortex understands the market and offers the flexibility to adapt to these changes and remain competitive in the marketplace.

If you’re searching for a packaging supplier who provides this level of innovation and is focused on customer service, please contact us to discuss how we can assist you with your packaging needs.

Phil Premier

Vortex Awarded 2011 Premier’s Award
for Fruit Packaging Innovation

Philip Short is a tender fruit grower from the Niagara region. He wanted to add value to the fruit products sold in the marketplace, and landed on a simple idea: build a better basket that keeps fruit fresher longer, with less damage from transport. His research told him that retailers needed something that would be stackable, extend the product’s shelf life, and didn’t require a lot of staff handling for display. The end result is a recyclable, clear plastic container that comes in different sizes.

It’s the first time the tender fruit industry has offered a plastic container with a lid and easy pick-up handle. This basket helps raise the standards of product quality. It transports product easily and is more attractive to consumers, who can see what they are buying. And it’s good for food safety; because the fruit is sealed with a lid, no hands touch it as it moves from the packing shed to the consumer’s home. It even stores well in the fridge, since the lid helps keep the fruit fresh. It’s easy to see why today, this innovator supplies all of Niagara’s tender fruit growers. In fact, almost half of the peaches grown in Ontario in 2010 and beyond were packed in these containers. The baskets are now used by Loblaws vendors in Ontario and nationally, including in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Quebec and British Columbia.